Monsoon Takes A Break

JUNE 16, 2017, FRIDAY 

After being active in Andhra Pradesh, parts of Odisha and Maharashtra, monsoon is catching its breath. So for the next 4-5 days expect a lull in the rains, except the odd pre-monsoon showers.

The Bay of Bengal stream of monsoon is going slow now. It will remain so in the coming days. The action will occur now on the Arabian Sea branch with rain expected to pick up in Konkan and then Mumbai from June 21-22. 

Showers may start again in rain-starved steaming Gujarat from June 22-23. Pre-monsoon activity will intensify in the coming days in Madhya Pradesh, eastern Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Delhi may receive showers in a week's time under the influence of a western disturbance.

No big rain systems are expected to form in the coming 10 days at least. Any advance on the part of monsoon will thus be incremental. Slow, gradual low key movement.

Monsoon may reach Delhi by the month end. The only parts left to be covered will be western Rajasthan, Kutch, parts of Saurashtra and the Sindh province of Pakistan which may have to wait till July.

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